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Friday, February 16, 2007

Booked By 3: February

  1. Have you read (up to 3) authors recently you want to read more by?

    • I recently read Night Fall by Nelson DeMille. I read a few of his books years ago, but now I'd like to read more of him. I like his writing, his humor, and his subjects.

    • After reading Armadillos and Old Lace , I definitely want to read more of Kinky Friedman.

    • I recently read With No One As Witness by Elizabeth George, and I immediately bought What Came Before He Shot Her. I'd like to read all her novels because she writes such interesting characters with such depth.

  2. Have you read authors (up to 3) recently that if you never see another book by them, it will be too soon?

    • After reading Lost Girls by Andrew Piper, I've scratched him from my authors list forever.

    • Darkness Peering by Alice Blanchard had me on the floor laughing with some of the worst metaphors I have ever read in my life. I won't be reading her again.

    • Margot Livesey. After reading The Missing World I never want to see anything by Ms Livesey ever again.

  3. Are there any authors (up to 3) you wish would write more books?

    • Wally Lamb (She's Come Undone)

    • David James Duncan (The Brothers K)

    • Caleb Carr (The Alienist)

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