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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Booked-By-3 For July

For July, let's each try to make a very short story (similar to something called flash fiction) or a haiku-like poem using the titles of books we've read. You can do 3 shorts using 3 titles each, or you can make one longer "story," using 9 titles. Please give the authors somewhere in your answer. You can answer in the comments or leave a link back to your blog entry with your response.

Malice Aforethought (Francis Iles)

It took 24 Hours (Greg Iles) and 19 Minutes (Jodi Picoult) for Rose Madder (Stephen King) to plan The Murder Of Roger Ackroyd (Agatha Christie).

It was not an easy murder to arrange, since Rose wanted to make it appear that Roger had been Nibbled To Death By Ducks (Robert Campbell). This also meant that Roger had to be buried somewhere close to The Deep End Of The Ocean (Jacquelyn Mitchard).

Rose's plan was so well thought out, even Dangerous Davies, The Last Detective (Leslie Thomas) wouldn't be able to prove she'd done it. If all else failed, her trump card would be The Lincoln Lawyer (Michael Connelly) who had just successfully defended that Six Nuns and a Shotgun (Colin Watson) case.

At last, with Roger Being Dead (James Crace), Rose could treat herself to some Fried Green Tomatoes At The Whistle Stop Cafe (Fannie Flagg).


Mo said...

Oh! That was *awesome!!*

I know I'm late to the game, but I might have to try this myself. What a fun meme, and a fun blog you have as well, BTW!

Shelly said...

Nice job. I like how everyone did it a bit differently. Thanks for playing! I would've commented sooner but I didn't want anyone's answers influencing me. :)