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Friday, August 31, 2007

Wet Work by Christopher Buckley

Wet Work by Christopher Buckley refers to killing your victim at close range -- close enough to get "wet".

Charley Becker's grand-daughter is found dead in her apartment, the victim of an apparent overdose of heroin. Charley knows his grand-daughter very well; he knows she was not into drugs, so he suspects that there's more to her death than the medical examiner or the police are able to uncover.

Charley Becker is not about to allow someone to walk away from the death of his grand-daughter unharmed. Money is no object for him, so he sets out to make those who contributed to her demise pay for their crime. Charley and his close friend/body guard, Felix, hatch a plan (or two or three) to take care of this senseless murder their own way.

Although there were points at which I found the plot somewhat confusing, especially when it came to understanding who was speaking when, this is a well crafted story that's tense, believable, and at times, very funny. I'd highly recommend it to fans of thrillers and suspense with just a touch of humor to keep things from getting too serious.

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