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Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Lawyer's Tale by D Kincaid

Lawyer's Tale Lawyer's Tale by D. Kincaid

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Rating: 3 of 5 stars
Harry Cain is the Super Hero of Lawyers. There is no case he can't win for his clients; no plan he conceives that doesn't work out just exactly the way he envisioned it. He works for movie industry people as well as the corporate wealthy; they all love him and believe he can do anything. If this book became a movie, George Clooney should play the part of Harry Cain. Suave, tres cool, yet vulnerable to what he holds dear.

Reading The Lawyer's Tale is just like reading a superhero comic book. It's very unrealistic, the bad guys are so villainous they might as well be wearing flashing neon signs over their heads, and the tactics Harry uses time and again are about as farfetched as it's possible to get and still have an ounce of credibility. But this is truly a fun read. It's the ultimate poke in the eye to the Big Boys who think they've got all the power and can do whatever to whomever they want. And yet, after all the razzle dazzle clears, Harry still has a life, and it's not quite what we'd expect of the "Sunset Bomber" as he's dubbed by those who hold him in awe. Harry may be brilliant, but at the end of the day when The Suit comes off, he's just a guy, the same as everyone else.

There were enough twists and turns in The Lawyer's Tale to keep it from becoming tiresome with all of Harry Cain's theatrics. There was always the mystery about how Harry was going to get his client the favorable decision, and there was certainly doubt about where Harry might have been just a tad gullible. All in all The Lawyer's Tale was a worthwhile read.

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