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Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Scandal Of The Century by Sophie Gee

The Scandal of the Season: A Novel The Scandal of the Season: A Novel by Sophie Gee

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This book opens in 1711 when the idle rich were the focus of attention in England. It must have been ghastly to be among the idle rich since, for lack of a life purpose, they seemed to do nothing but make trouble for themselves.

The "scandal" involves Alexander Pope, a poet, and what prompted him to write the satire, The Rape Of The Lock. Annabella Fermor and Lord Robert Petre are the subjects of this satire which went on to make Alexander Pope famous.

As historical fiction, this book is interesting in its portrayal of how the idle rich spent their time when there really wasn't anything to distract them from a boring existence unless they manufactured their own intrigue and drama. The women were given nothing better to do than attend parties, gossip, embroider, and try to snatch a wealthy husband from a pool of rather dimwitted men. The men, on the other hand, were given to hunting, fishing, gambling, and trying to come up with some way to be impressively noticed by society at large while lusting after anything vaguely attractive in a skirt. Even though the history of this time period is interesting, it's hard to maintain enthusiasm for people who are essentially less fascinating than watching grass grow.

One of the issues that plays a part in the story of Scandal Of The Season is the continuing efforts of Jacobites to return King James III to the throne of England. As a result, I am interested in reading more about that era of history since it is one of which I know very little.

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