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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Mayor of Hollywood by MB Brophy

Mayor of HollywoodMayor of Hollywood by M.B. Brophy
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

While I didn't think the title of this book had as much relevance to the story, as it suggests it does, I was immediately drawn in to the characters, particularly Lucy Cassidy. She is someone I hadn't encountered before in fiction or mysteries: someone who worked in the movie industry from ages 4-18, and then decided to forego her Hollywood career to pursue academia. She earned her doctorate degree in history. She had been nominated for a Golden Globe award, and she won an Emmy, so obviously she had talent in her field. Yet she preferred to be a history professor along with other random jobs that came her way. Her Hollywood career did give her some insight to life as it related to her currently being asked to help solve a murder.

Mark Adamson is Lucy's love interest. He's also on the LAPD, which is how Lucy becomes his "partner" for a murder investigation that closely resembles a cold case never solved from years ago. This combination of Hollywood tidbits here and there along with a police investigation that gets dangerous for Lucy, kept me unable to stop reading until the end.

I would recommend this book to mystery lovers who also like to pick up information on a subject about which little attention is given. It was as interesting to me to read Lacy's observations on Hollywood as it was to read her participation in the mystery. I will be watching for more from MB Murphy in the future

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