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Monday, November 25, 2013

Limbus, Inc

Limbus, Inc. (Limbus, Inc #1)Limbus, Inc. by Jonathan Maberry
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Ichabod Templeton hides in the shadows until he believes it's safe enough for him to enter Matthew Sellers small store. Ichabod gives Matthew a manuscript he wants Matthew to publish. Ichabod wants no payment nor any credit for the book. All he wants is for the book to be published, and he believes that once Matthew has read the manuscript he will have no choice but to publish it. Ichabod believes the information contained in the book he's brought to Matthew is so compelling that Matthew will have no qualms whatsoever about seeing the book through to publication. Matthew is not quite so sure. He's got a very small business, and times have been tough for him lately. He's even had thoughts about closing the business rather than lose any more money than he already has. However, after Ichabod gives Matthew the pages he's brought with him, he simply walks out the door, and Matthew is left with the book. So, of course, he begins to read...

**Limbus, Inc** is written in 5 different sections by 5 different authors who seamlessly combine their individual stories to make one whole well crafted novel. In each story **Limbus, Inc**, a company that finds employment for people who are having no luck with employment searches on their own, leaves one of their calling cards with a new person who then has an appointment with a Limbus recruiter. The terms of employment are unclear to the person applying for the available job, but the recruiter assures each one that Limbus is best at matching the right person with the best job suited to him. No one refuses the employment. And that's where things get REALLY interesting both for the employee and the reader. There are no typical 9 to 5 jobs at Limbus. Each place of employment offers something unique in the job description, and it's not possible for the employee to know exactly what he's involved in at the start.

I've never read a book constructed the way this one is with different authors combining to make up one cohesive story. For that alone, **Limbus** is worth the read. I also have not read a book that was a mash-up between *The Twilight Zone* , *Alfred Hitchcock Presents*, and *The X Files*. Limbus is all three of those and more. I've seen references to Limbus, Inc 2. On the basis of this first book, I would say that as a series, this title has to be a hit whether or not a person regularly reads this genre or not. It's creative, and it's impossible to guess the outcome of any of the stories. The book would make a great gift for readers who appreciate something a little different in their TBR piles. Definitely a 5 Star rating.

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