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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Mrs. Magumbi's Christmas Party by Sue Kendrick

First, and foremost, should I ever be invited to any party hosted by Mrs. Magumbi, I would definitely decline. Loudly and clearly. Not that it wouldn't be entertaining, because I think Mrs Magumbi knows how to throw one heck of a celebratory bash. No, it would be because Mrs. Magumbi, along with most of her acquaintances, scares the bejesus out of me. Frankly, I don't think there's enough alcohol in this world to make me feel comfortable in her presence.

Sue Kendrick, author of **Mrs. Magumbi's Christmas Party** knows exactly how to spin a spooky yarn. The undercover dread is evident from the very start when Magumbi opens her front door to admit Stephanie, a guest for the evening. Stephanie has had a stressful, unappreciated life, so she is more than ready for some fun as well as meeting the "Purr-fect Genti-mun". Mrs. Magumbi has promised to deliver such a man to her side if she simply attends the party. A little sweet talking and pushing all of Stephanie's victimized hot spots, and, in spite of several doubts and misgivings about this arrangement, Stephanie negates her reservations and joins the party. The man does turn out to be perfect, and the gentleman part seems to follow naturally. No one must have mentioned the part about appearances being deceiving to Stephanie.

This is a short story, but it packed a wallop for me. In the beginning it seemed kind of obvious where we were going with this story, but at some point, obvious passed me by. I did not see the twist at the very end coming at all because it was slick, effortless, and very clever.

Spooky Horror is not my favorite genre to read, but I thoroughly enjoyed this story, and would read Sue Kendrick again. Matter of fact, I wish I had a horror lover on my Christmas gift list this year because Mrs Magumbi would make "The Purr-fect Gif'"

I received a free copy of this short story from Story Cartel in return for an honest review. I gave the story 4 Stars.

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