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Thursday, July 5, 2007


I'm so embarrassed. And I could have kept this to myself with no one being the wiser, but I have this conscience, see, and I have to 'fess up if I screw up.

I screwed up.

But see, it's not really ALL my fault. Of course, because I am a person of ethics I will not mention any names, but in visiting several groups at Shelfari, I happened upon a book I just KNEW my daughter would love. And since it's been a while since I did something nice for her, and she is a very very good daughter, you see, I had to get her the book.

I got it from Amazon, and everyone knows that if you spend $25 at Amazon, you get free shipping. So, what would YOU do if you had roughly half of the $25 spent and just needed a little bit more to get that free shipping?

Okay, so I didn't HAVE to get 3 more books, but hey, I don't do this all that often, and there was that free shipping thing which who could pass up and once you've got it, why not really make it worthwhile.... right? (C'mon, Imani, help me out here.)

So about that restriction I put on myself? All I have to do is read 8 more books before my package gets here so I can keep up at least some small semblance of my former restriction on myself. And then I'll have to read 10 more before I can order again. That ought to teach me not to break promises to myself, right?

And John Adams moves another notch closer to the bottom of the pile.


Anonymous said...

Oh how funny! But you sound normal to! Hey, us booklovers have to stick together - right?

jared said...

Also a book lover here...Amazon can be dangerous. Pair it up with Shelfari and i am more worried about spending too much time rather then money.

Cyberoutlaw said...

Somehow you'll never have a problem reaching that $25 minimum. I think Amazon planned it that way :)