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Tuesday, July 3, 2007


This may not seem like a big deal to some people, but for me this is absolutely HUGE! And while I know it's only mid-afternoon so the day is not officially over yet, I'm going to go waaaaaaay out on a limb and pat myself liberally (which is the only thing liberal I'd ever do) on the back while showering myself with Attagirls.

Why all this bragging, you may wonder? I'm soooo glad you asked.

The reason for my self-aggrandizement (that's such a cool word, and I seldom if ever get to use it), is because...... (drum roll, please)....

I went to today and two other book sites.

I didn't buy anything!!!!!

I came very close but was able to restrain myself by making myself promise me that before I buy one more book I have to read at least 10 that I already have. And they have to be regular sized books too. No sneaking in a couple of my daughter's old Golden Books.

I could have made this much tougher and made myself promise to finish John Adams by David McCullough before buying anything new, but that might mean I'd never get to spend another cent on books ever again, and that is just never gonna happen.

(Not that John Adams isn't good, mind you. It's just that John is a little... um.... what's the word I'm looking for?.... um..... BORING!!! Yes, that's it! John can get terribly boring. First McCullough tells me what John said, THEN he has to quote John's actual words to tell me what John said. Apparently Dave missed that lecture on redundancy they taught in book writing class.)

So, today begins the countdown to my 10 books I have to read before buying anything new. All I can say is, I hope I don't run out of room on my wish list pages. They could get pretty ugly.


Imani said...

That's very impressive, Manky! You have my support in no small part to the fact that I could never do this myself. I plan to get three books from the store tomorrow. (But I own a lot less books than you do, so that's my excuse. :D)

Manky said...

Oh sure... gloat because you have not yet cluttered every available nook and cranny with books. Gotta say, though, I feel my resolve slipping. But thank you for your support! :)