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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Readers In Thongs

So, the question is, what do most readers, and I mean the heavy duty kind who think nothing of plowing through 550 pages here and 400 pages there, wear while reading?

I know some like the comfort of an old warm and snuggly robe. The kind you can curl up in on the couch and not have to worry that your knees are covered or that your neck will get cold. I used to have a snuggle robe -- the kind that was a blanket with various snaps attached so if you wanted it more form-fitting, all you had to do was fix a couple of those fasteners here and there, and you were wearing the blanket like an oversized bathrobe. The trouble was, every time I got all comfy and cozy in that thing, I'd find myself nodding off instead of reading. So while I like being comfy while I'm reading, those snuggle up things don't work for me except to make me drop the book as my head hits my chest and I'm off in dream land.

Those recliner type chairs do the same thing for me. I can't read when I'm surrounded by all that stuffed upholstery. Actually there aren't many of those relaxing easy chairs that are even comfortable for me. For one thing, they aren't made for short people, so my feet don't touch the floor. If I scootch forward enough that my feet do rest on the carpet, my back is now positioned in an angle that throws my whole body out of alignment. It would be nice if furniture manufacturers considered that not everyone is of average height or taller. Let them try sitting with their feet dangling above the floor for an hour or so and see how they like it. It's just not comfortable.

I read best when I'm sitting up to the kitchen table and eating while I read. This is considered anti-social behavior by those who think one should chatter and socialize while eating. Obviously I prefer not to eat with any of them. All that jabbering usually produces saliva encrusted food particles sailing from unguarded mouths and depositing themselves either in my hair or on my own plate of food. Excuse me, but I don't want to finish chewing what someone else tried out before me.

All of which has absolutely nothing to do with whether or not readers wear thongs. I don't know, and I'm not about to do spot checks to find out. I'm just going to enjoy whoever joins this new Shelfari group and hopefully get more good leads I can read in solitude while enjoying my dinner.


Anonymous said...

I can relate to that poor lady!

Manky said...

Ohhhhh my! There's a story in there somewhere. LOL!