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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Secret Sister by Emelle Gamble

Secret SisterSecret Sister by Emelle Gamble
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I haven't read many paranormal novels, much less paranormal romances. This one is an excellent place to start. Since I don't read many books from this genre, I didn't know exactly what to expect, so I was surprised and delighted at how quickly I was drawn into the lives of these characters. Before I knew it I was captivated by the situation described in this story, and it was so well done, I didn't bother to spend much time thinking about whether or not the circumstances were plausible. I was far more interested in where the characters were going and what reactions would be when they began to realize what had happened to them. I received an ARC of this book from Net Galley in exchange for a review. I'm very excited about giving my opinion along with a 5 Star rating because I am confident other women readers will enjoy this story as much as I did. Thanks to good writing and plot development, this is a good beach read, or a novel to read while curled up in an afghan during the winter. Just add a favorite beverage and prepare to be thoroughly entertained.

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