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Monday, September 30, 2013

Single Witch's Survival Guide by Mindy Klasky

Single Witch's Survival Guide (Jane Madison Academy, #1)Single Witch's Survival Guide by Mindy Klasky
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I received a copy of this book from Library Thing's Early Reader Program. For anyone who wants to know just what it is that Witch's do, this is it. Forget all the stuff about ugly hags with wart-on-top-of-wart faces, or a bunch of old crones stirring huge cauldrons full of bats, Hemlock, and spider webs. The witches of today simply want to perfect their skills, and possibly do some good in the world. Not to say the bad witches aren't out there complete with political agenda and wands, but Jane Madison wants to start up a Witch's Academy to teach wannabe novices how to be the best witches they can be. She believes she can accomplish this by employing the help of her Familiar (who used to be a cat), her Warder (a hunky kind of guy and Jane's boyfriend), and various other characters who show up in this, the first in a planned series about Jane Madison's Academy.

For anyone who likes to read about witch activity from the point of view that The Wicked Witch Of The West is not all there is to it, this is an entertaining and fun place to start. That is what prompted me to give the book a 4 Star rating. The writing is good, the characters are engaging, and the plot is well developed. The problem for me is, I found out by reading this book that I just don't care that much about Witches. There's good use of humor in this book, particularly in exchanges between Jane and her mother. That along with likable characters kept me interested in reading to the end. I think the pluses are more than sufficient to keep readers on board, and I believe many will want more. I just don't know anyone to whom I could recommend this book. Witches just aren't my thing in this particular context.

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